by Oren Laufer July 07, 2018

One of the keys to your success is the products you choose to add to your store. After understanding the message of this article you will know exactly what type of products you should sell, and why?


I believe your goal is to make as much money as possible in Shopify, so please know that no matter how beautiful your store is, and how many apps you have that should help you sell, The right products are one of the main reasons people fail to generate sales at Shopify. 

You probably know how important the traffic to the store is,
The products we use are the main factor whether people click on the advertising or not.
To know which products to sell, we will divide all the products in the world into 2 categories:
1. Need
2. Passion
The difference is that the products of need are products that at this exact moment the person need it and therefore he or she will order.
A product of passion it's a niche product that creates emotions it's something that people are really like, it could be a hobby, pet, sports etc .... Something that creates a "wow" effect.

Passion = Emotion = Money.

Let's take the dog's niche for an example,

Products of need are:
• Leash
• Dog food
• Mouth barrier etc ...

What The Best Sell On Shopify?

The products of passion are:
• T-shirt with a funny sentence on dogs
• Iphone cover with a cute design of dogs
• Neckace with dog pendant etc..

Products for shopify

It can also be a dog leash which we said is a product of need but it must have a wow effect like a leash glowing in the dark.
I know that every product can be seen as being needed, such as a t-shirt, but with a funny caption related to their passion for Labrador dog is what makes this a product of passion and create the "wow" effect.

Think about it, there are many people that are crazy about Labrador dog so it must have a potential when we advertise it to those who have Labrador dog, they will most likely will do a certain action when they see your ad, the action can be Like, Tag friends, Share, Comment or Click on the link to see more details or to buy the product impulsively.
But if we published a product of need, we would only hit people who just have a need for the product so the chances are small and we'll get very low traffic to the store! Therefore, the campaign will not be profitable.


Just think that people who go on Facebook or Instagram not in the same mindset as they go to eBay or Amazon. On Facebook or Instagram, they are there to "hang out" with friends, share their experiences, to upload photos of themselves eating in a restaurant etc ...

Therefore we must use a passion product that creates a "wow" effect. With the "wow" effect your post can go viral and you will get a lot of traffic to the store that will convert itself to sales.

When your post becomes viral, Facebook understands that this is good content and therefore your expenses will be low and Facebook will help you with the exposure to more people. Therefore to go viral it should be your goal, and with the right product, it is certainly possible! Notice how many viral posts there are ..

** Notes: passion exists in every niche and not only in the dogs or other animals niches. It also exists in hobbies, sports activities, and all where there is passion. You can check it by Facebook fan pages,
If there are at least 2 groups of fans with over 50K people, it means there are definitely people who are crazy about it and you can target them the product.

lift your shopify store


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