Neeraj Dudani

Neeraj Dudani has been working in the AdWords Industry for more than 10 years. He uses almost all the new AdWords strategies to make AdWords Campaigns successful. He loves to help business owners and marketing agencies, who are not capable of using AdWords effectively, and make them continuously grow with conversions and overall sales. He works remotely as well as onsite as per client needs, he is very ambitious about his work and he gives his best to make all the clients satisfied.

Sam Bagshaw

As a Hard Working Graduate in the UK, Manchester, with over 4 Years Experience in Web Development Using Wordpress and Shopify, Sam aims to deliver high-quality websites that correspond directly to the specifications given by the customer on a professional level. In his time he has produced websites, Advertisements, Graphic Designs, and Business Logos for over 500 customers who have been delighted with all his work and have gone on to become a successful brand image for their business.

Taner Uretener

Taner Uretener (Turetener) has been working in the TV industry for more than 12 years. He uses almost all the best Video software. After working long hours for many years in realty shows and documentaries, he has proved himself as a very creative storyteller and has a knack for editing. Now, as he travels around the world, he works with people from all around the world remotely. He is very ambitious about his work and he never gives up until his clients are satisfied with his work.

Ashesh Ramjeeawon

Committed and Passionate in the field of IT since young age, Ashesh has been working in Internet Technologies since 2008. Starting as a Webmaster, then an eCommerce Specialist for an international luxury brand, Ashesh has started to work on Comparison Search Engines (CSEs) even before the launch of Google Shopping, when it was called Product Listing Ads. He has also worked with Google Account Manager, helped many shopify and Wordpress store owners to get good Return on Investment by being on Google Shopping and delivers quality work. He aims to work on a long term basis and help companies develop real  and valuable relationships with customers.

Andrew Dunn

Andrew worked for almost 5 years in a leading digital publishing company in the UK and became a senior manager. He then decided to open an advertising agency and has been managing it for around 18 months already. He also helps e-commerce companies dominate their market by using advanced Facebook advertising strategies. Andrew messes with the big players of the market and manages budgets of over $50K a day!
Andrew has already 4 Shopify stores. One of them reached more than $ 1 million in revenue in the first three months!

Kanishak Gautam

Kanishak started the journey of a becoming Shopify expert in 2015 after he graduated. He started working as a junior web developer in a firm and after few months, Kanishak shifted onto the Shopify platform. He started learning and exploring Shopify. for 6 months and then later, he entered as a Senior Shopify developer in his own organization and worked on 30+ Shopify websites during this period. He aims to deliver top quality work targeting client’s requirements and keep his code optimized with proper comments. Up until now, he been a part of more than 100+ Shopify stores including Shopify plus customers. He is experienced in designing, developing, editing and making Shopify templates. Kanishak has helped many small, medium and large industries grow with his quality work. 

Oren Laufer

After he got his bachelor's degree in technological marketing, Oren worked for 3 years in a successful E-commerce company and then opened his own stores. The first one was in WIX that started to grow fast. After that, in 2 years Oren opened and closed 3 Shopify stores, losed about $40,000 plus his car and went back to live with his parents to reduce expenses. He then took lots of Shopify courses and all the free information on the net and started to put it into practice. He was also assisted by Shopify experts and soon, it was his turn and finally in his fourth store, Oren managed to make successful profitable Shopify store. His real passion today is to help people sell online and to prevent them from all the loses and frustration which he went through. That is how the S-SISTANCE was founded. "There is an abundance of money that passes between people every day. You can reach people from all over the world at 1 click. There is a tremendous power here on the net that anyone who finds it will be able to fulfill their dream and reach wherever they want to go in life."

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